Almost Seven (Teen)

First grade or fifteen? Happy back to school!

First grade seems so much older than kindergarten to me. And it was so nice not having to worry about the bus!

Let’s look back on all the first days!


Back To School Shopping

I took Mazen back to school shopping on Sunday, and we got everything on the list plus a new backpack.

Last Bits Of Summer

Before our beach trip, Mazen and I biked down to Fridays After Five to meet up with some friends.

He’s so easy and fun one-on-one like that!

We got pizza for him and Tilman’s salad for me, and he played with friends while I had a beer and talked to Sarah!

Big Brother Is Entertaining

It was fun to have him home to help play with Birch these last few days too!

Mazen and I taught B how to eat pancakes!

I also taught him how to eat little peas and cantaloupe. He’s not sure about either one. Gobbled down the sweet potatoes and bread though!

Oatmeal with Cottage Cheese + Sunflower Butter

I’ve been craving oatmeal, and I picked up some cottage cheese to cook in. Doesn’t this seem like a blast from the past?! Sunflower butter still going strong.

Gratisfied Empower Bars

Another blast from the past – Kath Eats All The Bars! My friend Sara created these Empower Bars and has brought them mainstream after her clients loved them. They are AWESOME. Almost like a brownie meets a quick bread in texture. Best of all, they are not too sweet with only 2 grams of sugar per bar, so they make a great snack to keep blood sugar steady. They’re also grain free and paleo/keto friendly. Obviously made with real food. Buy them online here.

If you have them, when do your kids go back to school??!

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