A Pro Athlete on What to Pack For Every Type of Hike

Hiking trips are one of the best ways to relax and enjoy the great outdoors, whether you're a professional athlete, workout fanatic, or someone who hits the gym every so often. The thing about hiking is that there's a little something for everyone: scenic trails you can meander down on a weekend; epic summits you can train for and plan an entire trip around; and moderate excursions worth integrating into a vacation in the desert, mountains, or seaside. In other words, you don't have to be a serious athlete to hike.

No matter your style or skill level, hiking is a great way to burn a few calories, take in some sights, and connect with nature, especially when you need a break from studio classes or the gym. But one aspect you don't want to overlook is what to pack for a hiking trip. Because when it comes to outdoor adventures, gear is everything (though packing a few cute outfits for a mountain vacation doesn't hurt, either).

For a quick guide on what to pack for different types of hikes as well as a few recommendations for the best places to plan a hiking trip, freeskier and Eddie Bauer athlete Lexi duPont gave POPSUGAR the rundown.