Things In Our Yard: Chinch Bugs + Figs

^^ We have a fig tree between our houses and I ate some for breakfast over pumpkin + cottage cheese!

What Else Is In Our Yard You Ask?

Chinch bugs. Ever heard of them? I hadn’t either. Our yard looked like this this spring:

And now it looks like this:

It’s all brown and thatchy. We have been using a yard service for the past year to get our grass looking good, so it’s heartbreaking that it’s looking worse than ever. We had the yard guy out to take a look and he knew immediately what was wrong: chinch bugs. They crawl through the town looking for the best grass around (a compliment to how it was this spring!) and RUIN grass. They turn lush, green grass to thatch. We’re taking measure to get rid of them, but the grass might not be green again until next year.

Kale Salad With Gnocchi

But that’s ok because things are still green on the inside. Massaged kale salad with Trader Joe’s sweet potato gnocchi. I thought these were ok, but I probably wouldn’t buy them again. I didn’t care too much for the garlicky sauce. They were fun for Birch to eat though!

Plenty Peanut Noodles

I’ve ordered this mason jar salad from Plenty 3-4 weeks in a row! The sauce is 100% and Birch eats the noodles all chopped up too. We both had leftover salmon on top.

Hello Bello

LOVING the Hello Bello diapers! I just ordered more. Thought you guys would want to know! These were my two favorite patterns.

Two Breakfasts

Yogurt bowl with fruit, coconut and granola. And a Thrive smoothie! I saw these are at Target!

Two Lunches

Leftover Lampo pizza + a big massaged kale salad. And grilled cheese (Thomas style – extra crispy with butter!) with fruit + veg sides.

One Dinner

Plenty Shrimp Stir Fry. Loved the sauce!

Current Favorite Snack

These Quaker chocolate rice cakes they sent me with PB on top! Family favorite.

And finally, I stumbled across this photo of Mazen at Birch’s current age. Look at that face!! Must put that outfit on B soon to compare.

Have a great weekend!!

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