Things You Should Do

Always dream big!

I had to share these exciting finds with you…

If you have a body….

Listen to these podcasts. I love EVE-RY-THING Brooke Castillo. She is just amazing. She will teach you how your mind creates all of your thoughts and emotions and you can change that for the better! These podcast episodes were so great. The first two about weight loss and eating and last about experiencing your body as your body. Objectively. Highly recommend!

If you like to bounce around….

Get this sports bra. It’s the best I’ve ever owned. Adjustable straps and a structured fabric are 100% necessary. And this marble one is the prettiest I’ve ever seen! Maybe I will be bold enough to run in only a sports bra that’s this pretty 🙂

If you have a savings account….

Listen to this Jess Lively interview! The interviewee, Erica, talks about how she went inward and questioned everything she was doing related to finance to live more in the present. The questions she brings up make great dinner conversation with your spouse: what would you do differently if you won the lottery? If you had 5 years to live? What would you regret about your life if you had 24 hours left?

If you have dull skin….

Join Band of Beauty this month and get the Overnight Resurfacing Peel as your free gift! If you’ve been thinking/hoping/dreaming/procrastinating/waiting to order something Beautycounter to try, now is the time.

Place $50 in your cart (like the popular Dew Skin and the No. 1 Brightening Oil combo I did below) along with the B.O.B. membership and the Peel will appear in your cart for free. PLUS you get free shipping ($7) plus $11 credit (10%) to use for your next order. It’s like getting the Peel for $12 if you count the credit. Read more about it here.

If you have a credit card….

Get this wallet! I’ve had my green Tusk wallet for years. I think since college. It’s been the perfect petite size, and I love how it opens and you can see all the cards vertically. I’ve had other wallets during the years, but I didn’t love any of them as much as my greek Tusk and kept coming back to it! It finally started to fall apart, and so I went to the Tusk website for a replacement.

While they don’t make one that’s the exact same size, I found one that’s the same “layout” I ordered the Orissa Slim Clutch and it’s GORGEOUS! Naturally I ordered the rose gold : ) Love some sparkle!

Have a sparkly week!

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