CBD + Sex: Why You Should Believe the Hype (+ What Else You Need To Consider)

CBD is finding a home everywhere, including in the bedroom. Why? This natural, non-intoxicating plant extract has a long resume of mind-body benefits, including an ability to reduce pain and stress which can sometimes stand between you and your sexiest self.

Since the launch of Foria's CBD arousal oil, the instant cult-classic Awaken, CBD is earning a permanent place on our nightstands. It can be used during foreplay to get things going as well as during the act - solo or partnered up. The kind of rave reviews and testimonials Foria receives regarding their arousal oils, can't be easily ignored.

Another compelling reason to try Awaken is the questionable ingredients found in most conventional lubricants. Traditional lube is loaded with toxic ingredients that we apply to the most intimate areas of our body where the sensitive tissues soak it all up. These ingredients often including inflammation-provoking glycerine, pH-altering petroleum, microbiome-imbalancing nonoxynol-9, and endocrine-disrupting chemicals like parabens... just to name a few.

The founders of Foria are sharing a few insights into how CBD-based lube can lead to nourishing, non-toxic, and overall more pleasurable sexual experiences...

The Upside of CBD Arousal Oil

CBD works as a natural alternative by reducing pain, enhancing pleasurable sensation, and increasing arousal (that means in your mind too). According to Foria's research team, before its widespread prohibition in this last century, physicians across the globe prescribed cannabis, often in combination with other herbs, for a broad range of gynecological conditions. Archival medical texts from the 1800’s describe different cannabis formulations effective for aphrodisiac uses, painful menstrual cramps, pain during sex, and many other reproductive-related ailments.

Reduces Discomfort. CBD is becoming known for its incredible anti-inflammatory effect. According to biologist Genevieve R. Moore PhD, cannabinoids address pain in two ways — not only do they desensitize pain-perceiving nerves, but they also limit inflammation (which is often a major contributor to pain). This powerful combination probably led to cannabis’ widespread use by our ancestors for treating pelvic pain. How exactly do they work? CBD targets the same enzyme that Ibuprofen does — decreasing your body’s production of inflammatory prostaglandins that stimulate your ability to feel pain signals.

Enhances Pleasure. Within the female reproductive tract, endocannabinoid receptors are widespread. They are most dense in the uterus, but are also found in the fallopian tubes, ovaries, vagina and vulva, according to Dr. Moore . On a microscopic level, endocannabinoid receptors are located where they can exert control. They are associated with nerves, meaning these receptors help mediate sensations, strengthen immune cells, control inflammation glands and influence hormone secretion muscles where they facilitate energy usage. Overall, the endocannabinoid system is fully integrated into the reproductive tract. This system also influences the pleasures — and the pains — that the reproductive tract provides on a day-to-day basis.

CBD arousal oil can also help ease the stress of sexual dysfunction, leaving you space and energy to get out of your mind and into your body. According to one Foria user review, "after experiencing problems due to taking an antidepressant, I was looking for an aid to fix my lack of sensation and dryness. Awaken is just the ticket for me. It normalized and enhanced blood flow to where it’s needed and quickly helps arousal as well as provides nonirritating natural oils and much-needed moisture. The aroma is perfect. A subtle spicy profile that to me smells a bit like amber, chocolate and coconut...very nice. The oils feel light and natural. And then the unexpected bonus...multiple o’s...a pleasure I thought was gone after menopause."

Deals With Dryness. Foria uses organic-certified coconut oil, infused with the extracts of 8 aphrodisiacs — a natural “pre-lube”. What’s a pre-lube? Pre-lubes not only reduce dryness, sexual discomfort or pain, they also enhance pleasure — and they do it naturally. Whereas a lube is mostly intended to reduce friction during penetration, a pre-lube is designed for use during foreplay — and the ingredients enhance female arousal while stimulating natural vaginal lubrication. One of the world’s first pre-lubes was the infamous Foria Pleasure (which is different from Awaken in that it contains THC in addition to CBD). Some of your edgier friends may have been buzzing about a “weed lube” with THC that enhances female pleasure and orgasm — getting the yoni high without making the brain stoned.

Increases Arousal. CBD can help increase a low libido. Plenty of women who enjoy cannabis claim that it helps put them “in the mood,” but this aphrodisiac quality is not just a side-effect of the relaxation and mental “high.” A growing number of women are applying cannabinoids directly to their vulvas to increase sexual pleasure — typically without any noticeable mental effects.

5 Game-Changing Ingredients In Foria's Awaken

The entire "CBD lube" trend was born from the success of Foria Pleasure, which contains THC and has dazzling effects on pleasure and orgasm. The CBD version of Pleasure — Foria Awaken — isn't just CBD: it's got complementary ingredients that substitute for the therapeutic effects of THC - specifically kava, ginger, cardamom, vanilla, and cacao. The formula is rounded out with a variety of essential oils and botanical extracts, chosen not only for their aroma and flavor but for their synergy with the phyto-cannabinoids in hemp and kava. Scientists call this synergy "the entourage effect."

High-Quality CBD. Make sure you're not paying top dollar for a bottom shelf product. Most CBD out there is made with cheap CBD isolate, which is proven less effective than broad spectrum CBD (which contains other cannabinoids) or even full-spectrum CBD (which contains THC and could make you fail a drug test). Awaken includes full-spectrum CBD from sun-grown Colorado hemp. CBD has numerous beneficial effects — including a decrease in muscular tension, enhanced blood flow and decreased pain signaling.

Kava Kava. According to  the woman who formulated Awaken, master herbalist Marysia Miernowska, Awaken’s star ingredient is the revered South Pacific herb kava kava (which stimulates the same pleasure-enhancing receptors as the THC in their other formula, Foria Pleasure). Similar to cannabis, kava is an anti-anxiety herb that creates feelings of relaxation and bliss. Used topically on the genitals, kava absorbs rapidly to create soothing aphrodisiac effects.

Ginger, Cinnamon, Cardamom + Peppermint. Miernowska explains that polarity is another important quality of Foria Awaken. Ingredients like ginger and cinnamon warm and support heightened blood flow, while peppermint creates a cooling effect. This combination stimulates nerve endings, gently heightening somatic awareness and sensation in the genitals. The combination of ginger (antispasmodic, warming) cinnamon and cardamom (warming, aromatic and anti-inflammatory) with peppermint (cooling and aromatic) creates a cascade of delicious sensations — a gentle warming and cooling of the skin that really gets things going.

How To Use

Self-Massage. According to Foria, "for women who experience non-medical challenges with painful sex, the healing path often starts with slowing down, practicing sensual self-massage in private, and letting go of goal-driven focus on reaching orgasm. Tuning in to the simpler pleasures of non-sexual sensuality, nurturance and love, can be deeply healing and help to unwind residual tension or lingering trauma."

Partner Up. Foria Awaken can also be used in sex with a partner. Just note, CBD arousal oil should not be used with latex condoms as the coconut oil base could cause them to break.

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